A great irrelevancy I know but I said I would update P&L weekly.

Week commencing Monday 16/03 the P&L was +£13.74 which leaves a Running Total of +£50.92 to a £1 level stake.

The vast majority of us have more time on our hands and may God bless those who have not and try and keep the help the rest of us stay safe and well.

I have started learning Spanish on Duolingo (free) – spent 4 hours this afternoon and still struggling with este and ese.

I am determined, however, to be able to hold a conversation in Spanish by the end of this nightmare although it would help if the other person has a dog or a cat as I have nailed perro and gato.

Gracias y buenas noches


DateSportEventSelectionPriceResultWin/LossCumulative P&L
16/03/2020Horse Racing2.00 SouthwellVirnon7/2Unp-£1.00+£36.18
16/03/2020Horse Racing2.20 HerefordLoughan5/42nd-£1.00+£35.18
16/03/2020Horse Racing2.30 SouthwellLittle Light6/4Won+£1.50+£36.68
16/03/2020Horse Racing2.50 HerefordIvilnoble4/1Won+£4.00+£40.68
16/03/2020Horse Racing3.20 HerefordAlnadam7/4Won+£1.75+£42.43
16/03/2020Horse Racing3.30 SouthwellSheshhon Sunny11/83rd-£1.00+£41.43
16/03/2020Horse Racing3.50 HerefordBallybreen11/82nd-£1.00+£40.43
17/03/2020Horse Racing2.00 DundalkLine Judge4/14th-£1.00+£39.43
17/03/2020Horse Racing2.30 DundalkYuften6/42nd-£1.00+£38.43
17/03/2020Horse Racing2.35 WetherbyGlobal Fame8/13Won+£0.62+£39.05
17/03/2020Horse Racing3.00 DundalkJuliet Rose15/8Won+£2.88+£41.92
17/03/2020Horse Racing3.10 WetherbyLady Master9/4Unp-£1.00+£40.92
17/03/2020Horse Racing3.45 WetherbyFazatette15/84th-£1.00+£39.92
17/03/2020Horse Racing4.00 DundalkFit For Function7/4Won+£2.75+£42.67
17/03/2020Horse Racing4.35 TauntonBenechenko6/1Unp-£1.00+£41.67
17/03/2020Horse Racing5.00 Down RoyalShakeytry11/4Won+£2.75+£44.42
17/03/2020Horse Racing5.10 TauntonFair Kate4/12nd-£1.00+£43.42
19/03/2020Horse Racing5.00 DundalkLequinto5/2Won+£2.50+£45.92
21/03/2020Horse Racing2.00 ThurlesArthurian Flame8/1Unplaced-£1.00+£44.92
21/03/2020Horse Racing3.10 ThurlesJetz3.1Won+£3.00+£47.92
21/03/2020Horse Racing3.40 ThurlesZero Ten3/1Won+£3.00+£50.92
21/03/2020Horse Racing4.10 ThurlesAt Your Ease14/1Fell-£1.00+£49.92
21/03/2020Horse Racing4.40 ThurlesLight Brigade11/23rd-£1.00+£48.92
22/03/2020Horse Racing1.40 DownpatrickAll About Joe4/1Unp-£1.00+£47.92
22/03/2020Horse Racing2.10 DownpatrickThe Very Man9/4Won+£2.25+£50.17
22/03/2020Horse Racing3.15 DownpatrickCheb de Kervino6/1Unp-£1.00+£49.17
22/03/2020Horse Racing3.45 DownpatrickOn The Sod7/4Won+£1.75+£50.92
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2 comments on "Profit/Loss report W/C 16th March 2019"

  1. david smyth on

    Dear Charlie
    Not Had any dealings with your reviews and daily tips until recently and would like to thank you very much indeed for your excellent predictions and explanations to the horses form. Big shame it can’t
    continue at present for obvious reasons.

    David Smyth


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